How can an Emergency Electrician & Emergency Plumber Help Your Commercial Business?

There are several electrical safeties and plumbing problems all commercial business owners should be aware of in any job, from offices to construction sites.

We understand firsthand why businesses should not take electrical or plumbing safety for granted! In our experience, being overly lax on health and safety regulations, even if inadvertently, is one of the most dangerous workplace health and safety hazards; it’s just not worth the risk!

All workplaces are vulnerable since electrical and plumbing maintenance work is required everywhere. Thankfully some professionals offer emergency services and can quickly detect common electrical dangers at work to take the necessary actions and correct them.

Emergency tradespeople – from emergency electricians to emergency plumbers – are always available to assist with everything from the most intricate site checks to essential maintenance and repairs. When safety precautions are taken, and sufficient training and guidance are provided, keeping safe while working effectively is simple.

When Do I Need to Hire an Emergency Plumber?

Some plumbing issues can be handled on your own, while others necessitate the services of an emergency plumber.

Knowing the difference between a do-it-yourself fix and a dangerous task for an emergency professional can save you money and more than a few headaches. Even minor problems with your faucets, pipes or drains may quickly escalate, resulting in water damage and thousands of dollars in repair expenses.

You don’t always need to call the emergency plumbing professionals. Still, if you notice any of the following three plumbing crises, it’s wise to pick up the phone and call an emergency plumber for total peace of mind.

  1. Your Drains are Blocked.

Hair, toilet paper, and hygiene items are common reasons for clogged drains in the bathroom. It’s tempting to believe unclogging a drain is a simple DIY project, but unfortunately, if the plunger fails to clear the blockage, you may have corrosion inside your pipes, poor water drainage, floods, and even sewage back-up.

  1. You Have Unstoppable Leaks.

Leaks are more than an irritation in your toilet’s cistern, your bathroom taps, and your workplaces’ hot water system. A leaking faucet may waste up to 9,000 litres of water each year, so even a tiny quantity of water might be a significant problem when you’re waiting for a regular plumber to arrive. In contrast, emergency plumbers will be able to quickly diagnose the issue and have your office leak-free to minimise water damage and extra bills.

  1. You Don’t Have Any Water.

This might indicate that your water supply is fully depleted or that you have low water pressure, resulting in a few drops from the showerhead instead of the flow you’re used to. There is nothing you can do to resolve the issue in either situation. Begin by inspecting the taps in each room to determine if the problem is localised. If NONE of the faucets in your commercial facility is working, it might be the result of a catastrophic busted pipe that is pouring water where it shouldn’t be. This is the least probable – but most vital – reason to call an emergency plumber.

When Do I Need to Hire an Emergency Electrician?

When your property is flooded, it’s typically evident that you need to hire an emergency plumber. When you need an emergency electrician, though, it may not be as clear. After all, hiring an emergency technician of any profession isn’t cheap, so be sure that if you’re contacting an electrician at 4 p.m. on a Sunday, you’re doing it for the right reasons. With this in mind, here are three circumstances to think about.

  1. Exposed Wiring.

If you come across any type of exposed wire, it can cause damage to the equipment it’s meant to be attached to, as well as offer a fire danger since inadequately insulated wiring can cause the cable to ignite. Of course, exposed wiring increases the risk of electrocution if handled, making it potentially extremely dangerous. As a result, an expert emergency electrician should address exposed wiring immediately.

  1. Water Damaged Electrical Wires.

If you have water damage and it gets into your cabling, re-energising it may be highly harmful. As a result, any water-damaged cabling should be checked by a professional emergency electrician as soon as possible. Testing should be performed before being pronounced suitable or unfit for purpose.

  1. Smoking or Charring Electrical Sockets.

There are several reasons why a socket could smoke, and the smoke you see is the result, not the cause. Therefore, you have no idea what’s going on behind the socket. Of course, there might be a fire, or a major electrical surge could generate the smoke. Don’t even think of touching it! Instead, turn off the power and promptly summon an emergency electrician to inspect and assess the total issue.

Charred plug sockets frequently have a distinct odour as well as physical indicators. Again, it might be a symptom of something more dangerous within your electrical system. As a result, it’s essential to contact an emergency electrician right away so that they can explore further.

Most electrical problems aren’t emergencies because they are more irritating than a threat. However, these three electoral issues listed can be dangerous to one’s life and should always be treated as such!

Have You Spotted Any of These Red Flags in Your Workplace? Get an Emergency Service Check!

The safe usage of electrical equipment and efficient plumbing operations should be your top responsibility as a business owner in the workplace. Your appliances should comply with current standards and laws, so if your old ones aren’t up to par, consider replacing them!

It’s a good idea to keep the phone number of your local emergency plumber and emergency electrician readily available. Still, you don’t need to call in the pros for every small issue…

If you have a leaking faucet, it’s completely OK to go on YouTube and figure out how to replace the busted o-ring while keeping your hard-earned money in your pocket. However, if you’ve spotted any of the significant plumbing crises listed above, you may save thousands of dollars simply picking up the phone and calling in the emergency professionals.


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