How to Prepare Your Commercial Property for This Fire Season According to Emergency Locksmiths

Surprise, it’s fire season again! Particularly in Australia, the summer season implies scorching temperatures and strong winds, which is the ideal circumstance for fierce bushfires which may damage your property.

Fire season is frightening and unpredictable, but don’t worry, as emergency locksmiths are here to assist you in preparing your commercial property in case of a fire disaster!

So, don’t put off your fire prep! According to reputable emergency locksmiths in Australia – from fireproof home safes to smoke alarms – here are eight suggestions for preparing your company during fire season. Although, please remember that fire safety standards may change depending on the commercial property.

But First, Let’s Look at the Security Measures that Can be a Fire-Safety Hazard!

Every year in Australia, some building occupants have difficulty fleeing from an indoor fire due to an overlooked obstacle that becomes a fire-safety hazard, causing an individual to be slower evacuating. Some cause even death due to the delay.

Emergency locksmiths are advocates for striking a balance between security and fire safety. It is crucial to lock intruders out, but it is critical not to lock you or your employees in the event of a fire.

Whatever degree of protection you pick for your commercial property, we recommend you take additional care when analysing the amount of risk from intruders and also plan a safe method of escape for your staff in the event of a fire.

Security measures that may influence your ability to escape a fire include:

  • External doors with deadlocks and numerous locks.
  • Window security grilles and bars, as well as security screen doors.
  • Windows with keyed locks or roller shutters.

Find Out if Your Company is in a Bushfire-Prone Region

The distance between your property and bushfire-prone vegetation is essential in determining wildfire danger. If you’re unclear whether your business is in a bushfire risk region from an insurance standpoint, call your local fire authority or local emergency locksmith to advise you if your property is in a bushfire-prone area.

Knowing which fire district you are in will allow you to keep a closer eye on the fire risk ratings and alerts in your region. Before the bushfire season begins, it is critical to acquire professional advice on which fire rating your business is in. As if your property is near meadows, bush, or coastal scrub, it will be more vulnerable.

Check that Your Property Complies with Australian Fire-Safety Regulations

Every property should have a sufficient number of authorised (AS3786) functional smoke alarms installed and inspected regularly. Every floor of your property should have smoke alarms. Fire extinguishers are also mandatory in the workplace and require regular inspections and maintenance to guarantee they are operational in the case of an emergency.

Buildings in fire-prone areas in Australia must adhere to strict design and construction criteria stipulated in the Building Code of Australia. Buildings are evaluated and assigned a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), reflecting how vulnerable a structure is to embers, radiant heat, and flames.

BAL ratings vary from BAL Low – a low risk with no particular fire protection building requirements – to BAL Flame Zone – high risk with extreme exposure to fire, and the highest level of fire protection construction standards are needed.

It is critical to regularly examine and maintain your commercial property with an emergency locksmith to ensure compliance with the applicable Australian Standards and BAL ratings. Noncompliance carries severe consequences!

As part of their terms, most insurance companies require monthly maintenance. Testing and service for systems such as fire doors are typically required every three months, with yearly inspections.

Have a Fire Safety Plan

A fire evacuation plan should be completed and shared with all staff. Practising exercises with your team will guarantee that everyone understands their responsibilities in the case of an emergency. A workplace should also identify the staff at most risk, such as employees working in higher-risk sections, physically disabled individuals, or fragile senior workers.

Install CCTV Cameras for Remote Monitoring

CCTVs can be helpful for properties in high-risk fire areas, as if a fire breaks out, your firm will have access to images of the surrounding area. Emergency locksmiths can create solutions tailored to your property that optimise your existing infrastructure and supplement it with the most cutting-edge proven technology. Adding this extra layer of protection is only the first step towards having a flawless strategy in place for fire season.

Prepare the Outside of Your Commercial Property

A property’s surrounding area or ‘buffer zone’, which is the space outside a structure, should be cleared of excess brush and dead plants to aid in slowing the spread of the fire. Some examples of this maintenance include:

  • Keeping grass height at no more than 10cm.
  • Remove dead branches and leaves.
  • Keep wood and other combustible materials away from the facility.
  • Keep any tree branches at least 10 feet apart from any other trees.
  • Instead of flammable mulch, use stones or pebbles.
  • Ensure that fire trucks and other emergency services have easy access to your property.

Gutters are another potential hazard to be cautious of. Business owners should aim to continuously clean the building gutters to minimise the accumulation of dried leaves and other combustible items.

Inside the Structure

Aside from video monitoring, there are additional measures you can do inside a business facility to prepare for fire season.For example, since vents are very flammable, they should be cleaned regularly throughout the structure. Metal vents can be installed to function as a temporary barrier between the embers and the vent.

 Building doors and windows are often the most susceptible places and should be adequately safeguarded in the event of a fire. Ensure that every window and door can be opened quickly if necessary and ensure that all keys to locked doors are easily accessible. Every room should have two safe exits; remember, every second counts!

Ensure Your Essential Belongings are Secure with a Fireproof Home Safe

Many people wrongly assume that regular safe deposit boxes and fireproof home safes are the same. While they have some similar characteristics, they do not give the same level of fire protection.

When exposed to high temperatures, money, photos, and sensitive paper materials are all vulnerable to damage. As a result, if you want to safeguard your goods, you should invest in a fireproof home safe for your valuable documents and belongings.

However, it’s crucial to know that not all fireproof home safes are built to last since each safe is certified based on the length of time and temperatures it can withstand. Fireproof home safes are graded by various test institutes, test standards, technical criteria, and security ratings. To satisfy the demands of consumers, fireproof home safes are available in a variety of forms, dimensions, and sizes.

We hope these eight tips help prepare your commercial business in case of a fire. However, it is essential to note that whilst these recommendations may help safeguard your staff and business property; there is still room for error! As if these security measures are not installed correctly, they can actually do more damage than good.

Therefore, it is imperative to speak to a highly trained emergency locksmith who can install the most appropriate for your security application.


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