What is the Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Painting?

Painting a large-scale facility can be a daunting task for most building owners, primarily when the aesthetics of the exterior and interiors affect business. Not only do you want the task done visually and structurally excellent, but you also want the job done quickly.

While looking for a painter for your business, you may come across a recommendation for a commercial painter or even an industrial painter. At first glance, these two contractors appear to be eerily identical.

But as it turns out, commercial painting differs significantly from industrial painting. You’ll want to pick the best painting contractors for your task, depending on your individual requirements. But how can you know what kind of painter to search for? What are the primary distinctions between commercial painters and industrial painters?

So, let’s unpack the difference between industrial and commercial painting contractors to ensure you understand which services you require.

What is Industrial Painting?

Industrial painting is typically conceived as preventative protection. The painting areas are not necessarily visible to the general public, such as painting for warehouses, painting cement and painting rear storage rooms or factories.

Industrial clients and industrial painting contractors are primarily concerned with using paint to preserve surfaces, endure harsh working conditions, ensure surfaces are less prone to corrosion and keep the paint looking good for as long as feasible. Aesthetics are not as crucial to industrial painters compared to commercial painting contractors.

Simply because an industrial painter is updating areas that aren’t frequently viewed by the general public doesn’t mean they’ll perform a shoddy job or make a mess. Industrial painters prioritise durability over everything else and are well-equipped to assist you in selecting a paint finish that is appropriate for your working environment.

The most common form of paint used in industrial settings is oil-based. While oil-based paints take longer to cure than latex paints, they are also more durable. Since industrial facilities are exposed to severe environments, collaborate with your industrial painter to select the finest quality paint choice.

In addition, an industrial painter can also be hired to paint areas that are visible to the public. In this situation, they will take great care to ensure the finished result appears professional.

What is Commercial Painting?

Both commercial and industrial painting include painting a structure for commercial purposes but with opposing aims in mind. Commercial painting entails painting a place of business where clients will be present, such as a retail store, hospitality venue, or office space, to name a few.

The paint used for commercial spaces must be long-lasting, but it is also critical to ensure an attractive sight. For example, if you run a retail store with old and faded paint on the walls, customers are more likely to link your firm with a negative reputation.

On the other hand, if your walls are in good shape and you have a new and colourful coat of paint, people are more likely to have a positive impression of your company.

As a result, it makes excellent financial sense for company owners to make consumers feel as happy as possible with good-quality paint when they visit your establishment. A commercial painting company are first and foremost there to assist your business. They know what paint colours to recommend and how to assist you in creating the right accent wall for your store.

Commercial painting companies are also competent at working around your business calendar to ensure that your operations are disrupted as little as possible, as well as providing you with an exact and detailed timeline before beginning. The commercial painting sector is known for its efficiency and excellence.

Commercial painting contractors understand how to select a paint that can endure the demands of your business and enhance customer appeal while also working rapidly to allow you to get back to work as soon as feasible. Commercial painting is a much larger project than painting a living room and should only be performed by a professional commercial painting company.

Commercial vs. Residential Painting

Commercial painting is similar to residential painting in that the ultimate result should be pleasing to the eye.

Commercial painting is utilised in retail locations where consumers will ultimately be present or in apartment complexes with a large number of apartments that need to be painted for future occupants. The paint used in these commercial painting jobs should be long-lasting due to the significant traffic expected in the area.

A commercial painting company is more involved than a residential painting company. Each surface is treated separately, and portions are taped off or covered to protect them from spills or brushes and rollers in large buildings. Any commercial painting that results will set the atmosphere and tone for your company for years to come.

Remember that any industrial, residential, or commercial painting company you choose should be appropriately licenced and insured, as well as able to collaborate with you to get all necessary permissions before beginning any painting project.

If your painter isn’t forthcoming with their papers, you should look for a more respectable firm to deal with!It is critical to evaluate all variables when selecting your painting crew, including their willingness to work with your timetable and timeframe and if they have the necessary skills for your job.

But Which Do I Require?

Simply said, commercial painting contractors, will paint the areas where your clients spend their time. Industrial painters will paint everything else.

So, consider what you need to be painted. Is your production area needing a facelift and protection, or is your retail space missing in the wow factor?

The next step is to select a firm to come in and complete the job for you once you’ve looked into your alternatives and decided which sort of painting technique your building requires. When picking a painting firm, you must take your time and use your best judgement.

While it might be tempting to go with the cheapest choice when looking for an industrial or commercial painting company (or perhaps both)to save money on the job. A low painting quote will typically result in inferior results, which benefits no one.

If you ask questions and obtain the proper answers, you can rest comfortably that you hired the best painting company for the job. Some questions you should ask includes:

  • What will the firm charge you, and is it a fair price?
  • Is the firm licenced, bonded, and insured?
  • Is the firm experienced in the sort of task you need to be do?
  • Do they have a track record of satisfied customers?

You don’t want to have to restart your project from scratch! So, it is critical to hire an experienced and capable painting firm. No matter if you need industrial or commercial painting work done, ensure you select a reputable company.


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