The Right Kind of Storage for Your Tyres

Having more than one set of tyres is the norm when you live in extreme climatic conditions. Adjusting to the weather changes can not only be difficult for your body but also for your vehicle. Tyres are the only component that comes in contact with the road and since the implications of weather can be seen evidently on roads in forms of precipitation, it is only normal for a responsible owner to switch between Summer Tyres and Winter Tyres whenever the seasons change. However, changing the tyres timely does not mean that your duty is done. It is important to store the other set of tyres properly so that they can be used easily for the next year.

Tyre storage is complicated and can be difficult if one does not employ the right methods, it is important to store your Continental Tyres Mansfield properly. The reason for the same is that without proper storage, tyres tend to lose their structural integrity and end up losing their efficiency without doing much. This leads to more repairs and early replacement causing a dent in your wallet. Therefore, in order to prevent your Car Tyres from losing their key features, follow these few methods to store your tyres the right way:

  1. The right environment for your tyres is a dry and cool place where there is not too much sunlight and where they are not exposed to the elements. The ozone that comes with the suns rays has a negative effect on the tyres, the rubber of the tyre starts undergoing a corrosive effect if it is exposed to ozone for prolonged periods of time. Therefore, be sure to keep your tyres inside so they are not exposed to too much sunlight.
  2. Tyres should not be laid down and forgotten. It is important to note that storing tyres for too long does not bode well with their manufactured makeup. It is advised to keep them in upright positions so that they do not get deformed easily. Most people even keep their tyres mounted on rims so that they can be mounted on the wheels easily when the time comes.
  3. Before putting your tyres into storage, it is important to have them cleaned. Skipping this step can have negative implications on the rubber of the tyre. This is a vital step because tyres accumulate dirt, dust and grime and becomes the source of all uncleanliness accumulated from the road. This can easily settle in the grooves of the tyre if left uncleaned for a long time and can cause internal damage to the rubber and the tyre as well. Therefore, before putting your tyres down for storage, they should be cleaned thoroughly with soap, water.
  4. Next, be sure to store your tyres in an airtight plastic bag. This step is important because if your tyres are exposed to air for prolonged periods it can drain out the lubricating oil that is enclosed in the tyre’s compound. Long exposure to air evaporates these compounds and creates cracks on the surface of the tyre. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the tyres come in contact with very little air, which can only be achieved by putting them in airtight bags which can also be vacuumed to suck any remaining air.
  5. If your tyres have to be stored for a short duration, they can be stacked but the position of the same should be changed after every four weeks so as to prevent them from deforming.
  6. Some people think of hanging their tyres on hooks since tyres should be placed in an upright position. This should be avoided as hanging tyres on hooks can cause deformities and even increase additional strain on one point. This will lead to additional distortion, damage and deformation, therefore, it is important to store them in an upright position and not hang them.
  7. Finally, store your tyres away from any liquids such as grease and petrol. Car Tyres Mansfield should also be stored away from any pipes and generators and in a cool and dry environment preferably a garage or a workshop.

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