How to Keep your Vehicle in the Best Condition?

Car owners require getting several parts in their vehicles checked and repair in routine intervals to assure optimal performance when driving on roads. Ignoring any internal issues or not opting for routine Car Service Blackley will reduce the overall performance, safety and comfort.

There are different kinds of checks performed by repair centres ranging from oil to tyres and suspension systems to ensure your vehicle’s road worthiness. Also, going for regular maintenance of your vehicle will help you pass your yearly MOTs without much hassle.

Common parts in your vehicle that require regular maintenance are-


Tyres are the main point of contact between the vehicle and the road. Going for routine inspections of the car Tyres Blackley can help lessen the risk of premature wear and offer much better mileage performance.

Tyres have multiple inspections such as air pressure check, puncture repair and uneven wear performed on them to assure your tyres are in the best possible condition. Not getting the tyres inspected can result in a flat tyre and leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Also, other methods such as rotating tyres, proper alignment and filling the right amount of air pressure are vital for tyre longevity and improved performance.


The oil in a vehicle allows different components such as the engine to operate smoothly and reduces overheating or the creation of excessive friction.

Not changing the oil for a long time causes impurities to accumulate inside the oil and delivers an unsafe drive with reduced performance and mileage.

Such a situation requires flushing all the impure oil and then cleaning the tank before refilling it up. Opting for regular oil checks and replacing the old fluid is important to keep a car engine working in the best possible state. Also, if you decide to replace the oil yourself, then ask an expert technician which oil will be appropriate for your vehicle.


The car brakes need to be kept in the best condition to get a safe drive on dry, cold or wet surfaces. Moreover, there are various components in a car that ensures your tyres brakes efficiently.

Brake pads are among the most frequent parts in the brake assembly that need changing infrequent intervals.

You should immediately contact a repair service centre today if you detect any strange sound when pressing the brake pad. Ignoring the sound can cause delayed braking or worse, lead to brake failure when driving.

Full car wash

Impurities such as dust, water or mud can get deposited on the exterior and interior of your vehicle. The exterior elements can lead to paint damage and internal dirt can enter the air vents and create an unpleasant odour.

A regular car wash can help eliminate contaminants from your vehicle and provide a pleasant drive.

Windshield Wipers

The wipers are amongst the most ignored parts in a vehicle that also needs routine adjustments. The car wipers should not hang, create sound when swiping or leave marks on your windshield.

A broken or worn-out wiper blade can reduce visibility on the road during rain or mist.


A damaged headlight in a vehicle will result in a major safety hazard when driving and can also result in a fine. Car owners can carry out a thorough visual inspection of the lights in their vehicles and decide if they need replacements.

You need to ensure that the lights are not dimming, always produce the same level of intensity, and are not unnecessarily flickering when driving. Also, getting the lenses cleaned or replacing the bulbs is the ideal option if they begin to get dim.


A battery can be easily damage due to temperature, road conditions or the carelessness of the car driver. Also, damaged and drained batteries in a car are among the major reasons for sudden breakdowns in the UK.

Leaving your headlights, AC or other electronic components turn on overnight can drain the car battery. On the other side, old car batteries should be replaced to ensure various eclectic components in your car work efficiently.

You can contact a we Tyres Blackley known repair facility today if you have any doubts or want to know more about Car Service Blackley.


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