Get To Know About Certain Concerns of Awd and 4wd Vehicle Tyre

The flat tyres destroy your day as well as journey apart from putting a load on your pocket. Your pocket is affected when the puncture can’t be repaired but the tyre needs replacement. You may need to get two or all the four tyres swapped out if you are the owner of an all-wheel-drive or front-wheel-drive vehicle.

Why is it so that all the four tyres need replacement even though they have good tread left in them and just one tyre is damaged? The variation in the tyre size is the answer. Variation in the size of the Tyres Dawley can adversely affect the systems of modern AWD and 4WD.

The circumference of a tyre and its size is crucial as huge tyres travel with each rotation further as compared to a small tyre. These variations are not that significant to the naked eye but various parts of the AWD and 4WD drivetrain are made to rotate at varying speeds by these variations. Thus, irregular tyre wearing occurs.

But this is not the issue. Expensive failure of drivetrain or transmission component is resulted within a short time due to a variation of circumference beyond one-quarter inch between all four tires on some AWD cars.

There are prevailing safety issues also. Most modern AWD, as well as 4WD systems, come on computer-controlled vehicles equipped with stability control, traction control and anti-lock brakes systems. Accurate information regarding the wheel rotational speed is needed by these safety systems to work efficiently. The systems could be disabled or perform poorly if variations in tyre size result in conflicting signals of wheel speed.

Reducing 4wd and Awd Vehicles Tyre Issues

You need to follow these tips for minimizing tyre-related issues in AWD and 4WD vehicles:

  • You must ensure that all four tires have the same degree of wear as well as are of the same Fit, size, model and, and brand. AWD and 4WD vehicles must have matching tyres. You need to go through the owner’s manual and also consult an experienced mechanic or tyre dealer if you are opting for something less than a full new tyre set. This will ensure that no issue will be created down the road by the variations in size.
  • Your tyres must be rotated as recommended by the manufacturer i.e. every 6,000 to 7,500 miles usually. You must rotate it as per the recommended pattern. Thus, significant variations in the circumference are marked and wearing is equalized.

Determining Correct Tyre Pressure Level

You need to refer to the pressure level mentioned on the driver side door jamb or the vehicle’s owner manual. The information regarding tyre inflation might be present inside the trunk lid, fuel filler flap, or glove box door in vehicles of the older models. The pressure moulded into the sidewall must not be used. This means the pressure level must be according to the full capacity of load-carrying rather than the pressure level fixed for a particular car.

Basic specifications regarding tyre pressure are offered by the vehicle manufacturers, which may differ from front to rear. It may also vary when the vehicle is used for extended highway driving or is fully loaded. Load capacity is increased by higher pressures and heat buildup is reduced.

Light-truck tyres are present in some pickups and sport utility vehicles. These have a marking of LT on the sidewalls. Based on the usage and load of a vehicle, the suggested inflation pressure for tyres of light-truck can significantly vary.

The tyre pressure must be inspected at least once a month and all the four tyres of your car must be inflated to the specifications offered by the vehicle manufacturer. You can find this information at the driver side door or the owner manual.

Tyre Inflation Tips

  • A quality pressure gauge must be used.
  • Tyre pressure must be inspected regularly.
  • The tyre pressure must be increased for extended highway travel, carrying heavy loads, or towing if suggested by the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Before driving, you must check the tyre pressures when tyres are not hot and have been at rest.
  • The tyre must be rotated at particular intervals as per the manufacturer specifications to promote even wearing and increase the durability of Car Tyres Telford.


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