How to Launch a Super App Like Gojek in 2021? [Complete Insights]

Launch a Super App Like Gojek

In the smartphone world that people live in now, there are numerous apps. But, very few apps manage to capture a sizable market share and grab adequate loyalty from the customers.

Gojek is the perfect example of this as it has been a highly successful multi-services app. It currently functions in 5 countries, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Thailand. Users can order food items, make digital payments, book cabs, and hire delivery executives to deliver products from one place to another easily through the Gojek platform.

 Some mind-boggling statistics about Gojek are

 Renders 22 different services across 207 cities in the Southeast Asian region.

  • Executes up to 3 million orders a day.
  • Has witnessed 1100 times growth in its order volume in the past three years.
  • It crossed $12 billion in Gross Transaction Volume (GTV) in 2020.
  • GoFood, the 24×7 food delivery app of Gojek, crossed the registration of more than 900,000 merchants last year.

What are the key features of the Gojek like the app?

 An advanced scheduling facility – Users can book their services according to their comfort and convenience.

  • A live chat option – Customers can seamlessly interact with the various service providers through the real-time chat facility that includes voice calling and video calling options.
  • The acceptance of numerous payment methods – The pace of fund settlement is improved as payments can be made by the users through debit cards, credit cards, PayPal, net banking, wire transfers, and cash.
  • Access to an SOS button – Emergencies and cases of incidents can be immediately reported to the platform by pressing the integrated SOS button. Services like ambulance, police, and fire engine will be sent immediately to the customers’ location.
  • Information about order history – Existing users benefit in case of reordering of the same services as their previous order history is stored securely in the Gojek clone app itself.
  • Flexibility in ordering – Customers can either choose contactless door delivery or direct take away from stores.
  • The issue of push notifications – Users can get access to all the latest information like order status, location of the delivery personnel, discounts, offers, and deals as notifications are regularly sent to their devices via SMS and email.
  • An integrated rating and review system – Feedback is a crucial part of multi-services apps like Gojek. Users can share their honest opinion about the quality of the availed services on a scale of 1-5.
  • A referral program – Exciting rewards are given to existing users whenever they refer new users like their friends, colleagues, and family members to the Gojek clone platform.
  • Call masking – To ensure a high level of privacy for the customers, their identity is protected while they contact the respective service providers.

The various services available in the Gojek multi-services app are

Gojek like super apps offers a number of services in one app. Some of the popular services they offer include, 

  • Vehicle booking – Renting facilities for cars, taxis, bikes, and electric scooters.
  • Delivery of different goods – Parcels, groceries, medicines, food products, stationery items, and alcohol can be delivered on time to any location for both individuals and businesses.
  • Exclusive services – The services of skilled professionals like babysitters, beauticians, carpenters, home cleaners, electricians, mechanics, psychologists, physiotherapists, doctors, nurses, dog walkers, real estate agents, insurance brokers, gym trainers, painters, lawnmowers, housemaids, massage therapists, lawyers, plumbers, pest controllers, tutors, veterinary doctors, barbers, firefighters, mobile repair technicians, language translators, yoga masters, and interior designers can be availed anytime by the customers.

 What are the other advanced features of the multi-services app like Gojek?

  • It includes corporate bookings for special events, conferences, and trips.
  • Kiosk bookings by tourists in hotels, railway stations, and airports.
  • The sharing of the live location of users with their close contacts
  • An advertisement posting facility where banner ads, promotional videos, and sponsored content can be shared directly to the customers.
  • Debarring fraudulent partners or banning service providers who have a high negative rating from the platform.

The plethora of safety measures introduced to battle the spread of Covid-19 

  • Mandatory verification of the wearing of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s), masks, and gloves by the service providers.
  • The limited number of passengers in cabs (maximum of 2 and minimum of 1).
  • A rejection option for users if the service providers on Gojek are not following any safety measures.

The different flexible options provided for the delivery executives of Gojek 

  • Form their own time slot to deliver products to the doorstep of users. It can be changed daily according to their wish.
  • Confirm the age of the customer before delivering goods to their home. This is done in the case of the delivery of alcohol.
  • A voice-based instruction-sharing facility for the drivers. It includes support in local languages as per the delivery personnels’ location.
  • An order cancellation option by pre-intimating the concerned user that the requested services cannot be rendered.
  • OTP verification to start the tasks ensuring a high level of transparency.
  • View a graphical status of all their rides useful for accurate navigation.

Gojek has come up with the app for Android and iOS platforms for the customers and the delivery executives. It also includes a billing system for smooth order processing and a dispatcher dashboard. An admin panel controls all the business operations efficiently. It comprises a 100% bug-free source code, assistance in website installation, multi-currency support, and multilingual support.

 Some compelling reasons to opt for the state-of-the-art Gojek like app 

  • Advanced technological tools are used to develop the app. It includes Java, Python, Swift, ReactNative, PostgreSQL, Flutter, React Native, MongoDB, Node.js, and Ruby on Rails.
  • Most of these apps offer 63 different services guaranteeing the highest level of convenience for the customers.
  • High user-friendly solutions that can be effectively utilized by people of all age groups without the need to possess any technical knowledge.
  • The business model used is growth-oriented, flexible, and packed with multiple sources of revenue.
  • The Gojek like apps are completely scalable and can add new features and functionalities based on the operational needs and the situation in the market.

Final Thoughts

 As seen above, multi-service apps are the order of the future as users need not visit numerous platforms to get their tasks done. Gojek clones will get a greater demand in the years to come as people aim at convenience and to finish things by doing shortcuts.

It has already impacted several industries like transport, financial services, e-commerce, and retail. The on-demand economy is expected to be worth a humongous $335 billion by 2025. Hence, the market conditions are highly apt now to get the Gojek clone and to witness prosperity soon.

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