Functions of Tyres: What Should you Keep in Mind?

Many drivers don’t understand the proper role of their tyres. Due to this, they suffer from grip deficiency, which leads to poor car’s performance on the road.

The first thing many people ask themselves when buying new tyres is, “What are they made of?” not knowing that there are several factors that determine how effective a Hankook Tyres Newport is. The fundamental role of your rubber friends is not only keeping you on the road no matter what happens (and at speed) but also offering you comfort and safety during driving.

So let’s find out what do tyres do for us?

1. You can stay where you are even if it rains or snows hard. Your soft contact with the ground makes sure you don’t sink into it.

2. Your tyre is the only thing that makes complete contact with the ground, which means you can turn when driving around curves or change lanes in your car.

3. The smaller particles of dirt or sand are getting stuck in the treads during braking, reducing road noise and improving handling. This is why you shouldn’t clean them too often since this would make them less efficient in these terms. It’s good to keep them clean, though, for safety reasons (look at number 6).

4. If there are two tyres on one side of your car, they can brake heavier weights if needed, improving stability. If you have damaged tyres, do not drive faster than 50 km/h until they are replaced.

5. They are the most crucial part of your car regarding steering, as they determine how much grip you have on the road. A lower quality tyre would require more powerful steering, leading to a heavy and uncomfortable feeling during driving.

6. Even though tyres do not make complete contact with the ground, they give some traction under acceleration or braking so that your car is stable and safe for all road users around you, even if it’s raining hard outside.

7. If a tyre is inflated, too much pressure will be built up between the contact patch and road surface, which generates heat, resulting in less grip. Under-inflation is one of the most common reasons why tyres lose their grip on the road.

8. Also, tyres directly affect your car’s fuel consumption since they are responsible for both rolling resistance and air drag, which means that adequately inflated ones, would reduce the overall CO2 emissions of your vehicle. A mismatch between tyre size and wheel rim does not allow an ideal contact patch, leading to increased rolling resistance and lower economy.

9. Tyres can be used from three to ten years depending on their quality, so it’s essential to know when a good moment for a replacement is by professionals who can advise you accordingly. In general, if they are over six years old, there’s a high chance that either or both of them need some attention from a skilled technician who can conduct a visual inspection of the inside.

10. A tyre protects you in case of a collision with another vehicle or object by absorbing energy that would typically go to the rest of the car, so it’s essential to keep them at their best dynamics for this reason too.

11. Tyres are the main factor in how your car is able to handle in case of sudden braking, accelerating or changing of direction. This makes grip on the road very important for safety reasons which you can increase by buying high-quality tyres with good reviews.

12. The treads on your tyres are what enables wet roads to be negotiated safely. If they are worn down, it’s possible for water to get past them and reduce their ability to grip which could induce aquaplaning when driving too fast.

Cheap Tyres Newport are designed and manufactured specifically for different classes of driving, be it racing disciplines on special tyres, winter conditions by adding more sipping etc., so always get in touch with people who know more about your particular needs, don’t just get the standard package without knowing if your car benefits from this type of tyre (for instance 205/55R16 is not suitable for all cars even though most manufacturers offer them). There are many dealers out there who can help you with this by matching your needs with the actual product.

There are people with all sorts of knowledge dealing with the topic every day, ready to help you with any queries you might have! Just try it now.


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