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Use The Correct Paint For Your Rims

Without considering the age and condition of your tyre, your car indeed looks better with a fine pair of wheels. You can very easily transform your normal economic car into a rich-looking just by adding good wheels, rims, tints, etc.

Everyone knows about their wheels. There are different types of wheels attached to your tyres like- steel wheels or cheap alloy wheels. These are the two most commonly used wheels in the modern car. Do you know that wheels are similar to rims? People often stay confused about these two. But wheels and rims are the same things. Today in the market, there are so many ways to get a customized pair of rims.

Is It Possible To Paint Your Rims?

Yes, you can surely paint your rims and there is a complete procedure you will need to follow. Otherwise, you will end up making a mess and they will look bad. It is not hard to do it yourself if you have all the necessary tools with you. And tools needed are –

  • A cleaner to clean the wheel
  • Wire brush
  • Sandpaper to remove the extra dirt and sticky particles
  • Steel wool
  • Paint thinner
  • Tape that painter use
  • Coveralls
  • A drop cloth
  • Rags to clean the aftermath
  • Mask for yourself

How To Paint Your Rims-

Before you start painting your rims, the first step involves separating the rim from the tyres and cleaning it thoroughly to give it a new look. Find support for your car to remove the unbolt the tyre from your vehicle. Once you have done that, you degrease and clean the rims from both inside and outside. If your rims are damaged or not in an inadequate condition, get them repaired before starting to paint. Once you have done that, use your sandpaper and scrub the whole rim inside out. After doing so, wash and dry your rims again. Now rub the paint thinner all over your rims. Check the surface of your rim, it should be smooth and clean. If not, repeat the scrubbing with sandpaper.

Keep in mind to use the mask before you start painting as paint fumes can be hazardous for you. If in case you do not know how to paint your rims, you should get your AVUS Alloy Wheels painted by an expert.

The Best Paint To Use

You need three things very precisely to paint your rims perfectly. You need a primer- the base coat, The spray paint- colour, and the colour coat finish to protect the paint from getting

Starting of start with three layers of primer, let each coat dry before the application of another. Followed by the paint as directed by the manual or bottle. Remember to paint properly, do not leave a spot or use an excess of paint, it will start running destroying the appearance of your rims. The last step is to apply the application of a clear coat finish to protect the paint on the rim. Apply two to three coats.

If you wish your rims to look as if professionally painted, paint the insides of the rims too. This will help your rim look good and attractive. To paint the inside, you will have to follow the same steps.

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