Why Choose All-Season Tyres?

Season Tyres

A change in the season alters the way we live. Like we use different clothes according to the season, your vehicles need to be prepared for the seasonal change. Depending on the temperature and performance, tyres have been divided into Summer, Winter, and All-Season Tyres Milton Keynes . All of them have specific characteristics for particular seasons. 

Summer tyres and their usage

Used in the summer seasons, these tyres are ideal for areas where the temperature rises above 7 degrees. The tread compounds of summer tyres are hard enough to resist the heat caused during the friction. 

When you drive, the tyres are always in direct contact with the road. As friction increases, the amount of heat released also goes up. A soft rubber compound always fails to withstand the increasing heat. But with the summer tyres, you can easily drive on warm and dry roads. Summers experience scorching heat, and roads become dry. This is why the summer tyres consist of hard tread compounds. The heat build-up is resisted, and the rubber is protected from cracks and punctures. 

Summer tyres can be used in areas where the hot, humid days are extremely warm and dry. The excessive heat and hot climate pose some serious road challenges which the summer tyres can only tackle. 

Winter tyres and their usage

Designed for the days when the temperature falls below 7 degrees, the winter tyres are ideal for the excessive winters. They can deliver the right amount of traction and grip on wet and snowy roads. The Winter season brings with it snowy and icy roads. Normal tyres fail to perform in such conditions because of severe wet conditions. 

The chances of hydroplaning and road accidents significantly go up during this season. Winter tyres Milton Keynes guard you against these unpleasant situations by delivering enough grip. Their tread compound has deep grooves and sipes to perform the function of water resistance. They channel the water away from the tread surface and allow easy movement. The deep sipes bite through the snow layers that are quite thick during severe winters.

Winter tyres are designed only for the extremely cold winters when the roads are covered with deep snow layers, and the conditions are excessively slippery. 

All-Season tyres and their usage

The third category consists of tyres that can be used throughout the year no matter what the season is. It should be remembered that All-Season tyres are made only for moderate seasonal changes. You can’t rely on them during extreme summers and winters. 

All-Season tyres offer a great compromise between the summer and winter road conditions. Their tread compound is hard enough to resist the warm and dry roads and also soft enough to be flexible in snow. So you can use these tyres in summers and winters both. The amount of traction delivered by them is enough for comfortable drives. 

Maintaining two different tyre sets can be expensive. So, if you live in a place where summers and winters are not extreme, and the roads also stay moderately fine, you can fit All-Season tyres that are easy to maintain and deliver comfortable drives in different road conditions. 

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