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The MOT Know-Hows

If you own a car over three years of age and are a UK resident, then MOT information is a requirement. This is an annual inspection of your vehicle, the results of which shall decide whether or not you should be on the road. This is crucial as not having a proper MOT certificate can get you into legal trouble. So let us see what all is necessary for one with a vehicle to know about MOT.

Key Points

The Ministry of Transport test is carried out only by the authorised centres and so only they can provide you with a valid certificate. You need to make prior appointments with the test centre and go when your time comes. It is not that much of an issue to get it tested, and in fact, the inspection process is also not much. If your new car turns 3 yrs soon, then get ready for its first MOT test.

This primarily tests the documents of your vehicle, the outer body of it and the primary internal system apart from the engine, the gearbox and the clutch. In addition, there are several things like the lights, mirror, doors, horn, steering and seating arrangement.

It is an offence to be on the road without a valid MOT pass certificate. It can cost you high penalty charges and more punishment depending on the seriousness of the situation.

The test is categorised into different classes for the various vehicle types. And there are also categories of passing or failing the test. According to the new set of rules and regulations of MOT Oswestry, these categories are:

• Passed

• Passed with minor faults

• Passed with advisories

• Failed

How Long?

If you are wondering about the MOT service time, you should know that the inspection takes hardly an hour or so. If there are no problems at all, then it can get finished sooner, or it might take just a little more for the car with too many faults.

There are MOT retests made possible too, which is usually for the vehicles with a fault that makes them fail the test. A quick repair of it shall allow them to be on the road again, so if it is done within the next ten days of failing it, it is not chargeable. But in case your car doesn’t get ready for taking the test within that period, you need to book another MOT test.

How Much to Pay?

Often this becomes the main query for people and so let us see the details of it now. Since it is necessary for all vehicle owners, the authorities have fixed the cost within a limit. The Vehicle Operator Services Agency (VOSA) has selected the maximum limit for the four-wheelers or cars to £54.85, and that of the motorbikes is set to £29.65. To a lot of owner’s relief, almost all the test centres charge much less than the upper limit and sometimes even as little as 50% is charged. In addition, you shall come across several discount offers from time to time for your MOT examination, so it is not that much of a costly affair.

Extra Tips

There is a lot of confusion regarding MOT examinations which lead to the spread of misinformation. One such notion is that once you clear the test, the car in concern is good to go without any more problems. But that is not true since the MOT certificate only speaks for the day it was checked and had no significant issue until that moment. Later on, complications of any sort may or may not crop up. This is why keeping a tab on your vehicle’s health is essential from time to time. Regular servicing is the best way to avoid a sudden breakdown of your car.

Apart from the garage stations approved as MOT test centres, it can also be done at a local council test centre. But the only problem here is repairing faults; if your vehicle needs some minor fixing to pass the test, that cannot be done there. But the upside is that you get a completely unbiased checking of your automobile.

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