Quest for the Right 4×4 Tyres

Right 4×4 Tyres

Are you going off-road? Make sure you have decent 4×4 Tyres before you head to the adventure.

If you plan to drive your 4WD on difficult terrains, it is crucial to invest in the right 4×4 tyres. Selecting the right tyres is an important upgrade, especially when it comes to 4×4 tyres. These custom-built tyres are drivable while navigating difficult terrains such as wet surfaces, sand, gravel, low friction surfaces, hilly roads, and more. 

Fix My Tyre is the right tyre brand to rely on when looking for 4×4 Tyres London. We help you save time and frustration that comes from dealing with incorrect tyres and their unsatisfactory performance.

What is unique about 4×4 Tyres?

These tyres have a different tread pattern that enables them to handle tough terrains. While the traditional tyres easily accumulate dirt in their treads and get blocked, 4×4 Tyres are capable of coping with adverse road conditions and provide for adequate friction to travel on sloppy or muddy roads. Their broad tread blocks and strong tread grooves make for a good grip against snow, wet surfaces, muddy surfaces, grass, etc. The large surface area of Tyres London is why they provide better traction for your four-wheel drive.

Types of 4×4 Tyres London

Mud-Terrain Tyres– The Mud-Terrain tyre pattern suits the off-road tracks well. Their open tread configuration makes for excellent traction for extremely muddy conditions. These tyres are sure to meet the unique expectations of off-road travellers. Our customers always get satisfied with the tyres they get fitted into their 4WD every time they go for an off-road trip. Some of our excellent manufactures for these tyre types include Goodyear Tyres, Continental Tyres, and Michelin Tyres.

Highway Terrain Tyres– Another sought-after pattern for 4×4 Tyres London is Highway-Terrain. This is highly suitable for drivers who drive extensively on the roads. The contracted shoulder and cooped tread pattern of these tyres are curated to reduce road noise and smooth ride. These tyres also function very well in the sand and gravel surfaces. They also provide for easy high-speed handling and better fuel efficiency.

All-Terrain Tyres– These tyres are designed to provide a comfortable ride on varied surfaces such as sand surfaces, muddy roads, rocky terrains, river areas, etc. They are exceptionally tough and give excellent traction to traverse the hardest surfaces of all. Whether you want to go off-roading or travel in unpredictable weather conditions, these tyres are the perfect fit serving all road-tripping purposes.

Two important factors for Tyre safety

Before you upgrade your fitted 4×4 Tyres set or decide to buy a new one, it is important to inspect them for safety purposes. Although the tyres are designed to deal with any bad road conditions, an evaluation is necessary before beginning your off-drive.

Tread depth of the tyre. The grip is one of the essential factors that decide the quality of your trip and how well you will tackle the driving challenges. If the grip is wearing off or is not as good, you need to get new tyres. The tread depth should be at 4mm to provide for the best grip and increased stopping distances.

Tyre Pressure of the 4×4 Tyres. The tyres should not be too hard as they are a risk of bursting. Also, they should not be underinflated as they would not give the required performance for off-road terrains. It is advisable to adjust the tyre pressure for different surfaces as you move along varied terrains.

At Fix My Tyre, we patiently listen to your tyre requirements and, accordingly, provide the best suitable tyres fitted to your off-roading needs.

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