Everything You Need to Know About the Firestone Tyres

Firestone Tyres

Firestone tyres have been a brand selling name in the market for more than 100 years. The tyres they design are equipped with cutting edge technology, better grip and excellent handling. Their tyres Shiptonthorpe have been at the forefront of the market for over 10 decades, making them a big tyre brand worldwide.

So, today this article would encircle around Firestone tyres and mention every little detail related to them. Therefore this article would include, mention and cover every single thing you need to know about Firestone tyres.

A Complete History Of Firestone Tyres

Firestone tyres were founded on August 3rd, 1900, by Harvey Firestone in Akron, Ohio.

  • Firestone tyres began to function in The Firestone Tyre & Rubber Company’s name and introduced solid rubber sidewire tyre as its first product.
  • It was not until 27th December 1903, when Harvey Firestone inaugurated The Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company’s first operational factory.
  • Just a year later, the Firestone factory was equipped enough to engineer its own pneumatic automotive and mechanically driven tyres.
  • Firestone firm worked hard to achieve the title of the leading tyre manufacturing company in the world. All in all, it became the first tyre manufacturing company to sign an exclusive contract with Ford. This contract stated that tyres would be fitted in the original models of Ford vehicles.
  • In 1906, the Firestone firm delivered around 2000 tyre sets to Ford Motor Company.
  • And in 1909, The Firestone Tyre and Rubber Company stepped into the racing sector of tyre manufacturing. The firm gained more success in this field than in any other relative tyre manufacturing field.
  • Initially, the race car tyres and everyday car tyres were the same, which indicated the strength, firm grip and performance of Firestone tyres Shiptonthorpe even under high pressure and speed.

The Firestone Tyre Range

Firestone tyres typically range between the following types:

Firestone destination HP: It is a 4×4 flagship SUV tyre that offers stability and grip in wet and dry weather conditions. Its price starts from 107.59 pounds per tyre.

Firestone MultiHawk 2: The Firestone MultiHawk 2 tyre is designed to deliver an all-round tyre performance. The tyre has a meager decibel rate which provides quiet rides, the tyre’s design extends comfortable rides, and the brake handling of MultiHawk 2 is the best among all the categories. The price of a Multihawk 2 typically starts from 46.22 pounds per tyre.

Firestone RoadHawk: Thus, Firestone tyre especially for daily driving activities. The tyres provide excellent handling on wet roads, heavy traffics and are designed to maintain performance while encountering sudden braking. The price of a RoadHawk tyre is known to start from 55.82 pounds per tyre.

Firestone SZ90: The SZ90 tyre was engineered to function well on all surface roads. They offer grip, handling and control functions on all types of terrains. They are the best tyres when it comes to precision cornering. The price of an SZ90 tyre is known to start from 75.49 pounds per tyre.

Benefits Of A Firestone tyre

Firestone tyres have been ruling the tyre industry since the twentieth century. So, let us see what advantages it brings to the table.

  1. Firestone tyres fall under tier 1 tyre manufacturers category, therefore assuring you of high quality along with other promising features.
  2. The Firestone tyres are known to deliver impressive handling and grip even in the most extreme weather or road conditions.
  3. After the Bridgestone and Firestone merger in 1998, these tyres have been impeccably impressive and remained at the forefront of quality and technology.
  4. The Firestone tyre strike a balance between road performance and road safety. They offer the two best features a tyre can have at affordable prices.
  5. These tyres are flexible in size, meaning they can be fitted perfectly into any car size, be it medium or small.

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