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The words that describe honor devices are super quality, attractive appearance, latest features, low prices, etc. The features that you are looking for in any smart device, honor offer all these. In short, we can say that the motto of honor is to facilitate people with the latest and smart technology at low prices. 

Features Of Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds 

Honor choice true wireless earbuds are easy to connect with your phone and provides 18 hours of music playback. 

Design And Comfort

It is not difficult to understand that from where honor got the design of these wireless earbuds. These buds are very comfortable to wear for a long period and easy to use. Just open the case, go to your phone’s Bluetooth, and click on the pair with wireless earbuds option. 

Battery Life

Honor Choice true wireless earbuds have great battery timings which last almost 6 hours on a single charge.  Each Bud of honor has a 55 MAH battery. If you are looking for android TWS Earbuds with long battery timings then you must go for Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds. 

Sound Quality

The sound quality of honor Choice TWS Earbuds is very impressive. It offers loud volume, great bass, and a soothing sound. These buds have two microphones that restrict outside noise during calls. 



Honor ensures the availability of Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds in KSA. Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds  are available at the price of SAR 119. Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds in KSA are accessible online.  


The latest gadget announced by honor is magic earbuds. The huawei honor magic earbuds are available in blue color which looks very stunning. The charging case itself has two LED lights one on the front and one between the buds. It supports 5W speed.



Honor magic earbuds design and appearance are so eye-catching.  


The most important and considerable thing in any bud is its sound. A driver with a 10mm unit inside every bud is used for clear sound. Another important thing is their two external microphones which protect during calls. The audio quality of these buds is mediocre.

Touch Sensor

There is a touch sensor on both buds which is used for start or pause purposes. Because of these sensors, you don’t need to pull your phone out of the pocket again and again just to play music. 


According to sources, these magic earbuds can last for 3 hours on a single charge. 

Huawei Honor Magic Earbuds

No matter whether it is the in-fly wind, city traffic, or business chat, with its dual microphones set up: input and feedback, Huawei Honor Magic Earbuds blocks out unnecessary ambient noise. Huawei Honor Magic Earbuds are designed to remove 32 dB*1 unnecessary surrounding noise before listening to your music or calls along with the internal microphones.

You can pick any Honor product with confidence, depending on your requirements. Honor takes care of the need from smartphones to earbuds. Honor products are developed primarily to satisfy demand and industry dynamics. With high results, Honor ensures high efficiency. Thanks to its powerful products such as tablets and smartphones, Honor secures its market spot.

Did you use Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds? How was the experience? Let’s share it with us.

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