Follow These Steps to Protect Yourself from Phishing Attacks

Phishing Attacks

Countless people get conned by phishing attacks every year and yet only a few people know how to evade them successfully. For those who don’t know phishing meaning, it is an unethical way through which your financial data is obtained from a fraudster to carry out online fraud. These days, incidents like email phishing have become common and various sophisticated tools and techniques are being used to create a deceptive web that manages to trap several innocent people across the world. If you want to secure yourself from phishing, you can adopt these phishing prevention strategies:

Don’t open emails of unknown senders 

  • The best way to avoid email phishing is to avoid opening emails that you receive from unknown senders. Also, even if you receive emails from the senders that appear to be credible, verify their email address and check the content properly. 
  • Moreover, you should avoid opening links that are provided in the email as they might direct you towards a malicious portal. Downloading files or images provided as attachments in the email should be avoided as they may install spyware in your system. 

Install a firewall or antivirus app

  • Install a firewall or antivirus app on all your digital devices to protect your financial data 24/7. You must ensure that the app you download is engineered with the anti phishing ability. 
  • Also, it must check every app and file in your system and also carries a regular scan to provide all-around protection to your data. 

Avoid phishing calls 

  • To avoid receiving calls from unverified sources, you can install an app that cross-checks the details of every caller. 
  • Even if you do happen to pick a call from an unknown source, avoid sharing your personal and bank details with them. 

You might take all the precautions to protect yourself from phishing but it still does not prevent the risk of a phishing attack permanently as newer technologies are being invented to sniff your private data. As a result, you can also think of getting a protection plan or insurance policy against various types of online frauds. 

Bajaj Finserv has introduced a Card Protection Plan that offers protection to your digital devices and payment cards from all types of ATM frauds, unauthorized transactions, email phishing, tele-phishing, etc. It also provides access to some modern tools that will guide you on how to prevent phishing or a phishing attack. The major benefits of availing of this plan are given below: 

Complete protection from frauds 

  • The card protection plan from Bajaj Finserv offers complimentary protection from ATM skimming, PIN-based ATM scams, phishing, and much more. Moreover, it also provides financial coverage if your wallet gets lost or stolen. 

Register everything under this plan 

  • You can register multiple payment cards under this wallet protection plan. Also, you can register your confidential documents under this plan. 
  • If you lose your PAN Card, an immediate free replacement service is offered and you can also block all your payment cards at once if your credit or debit cards get robbed or lost. You can even block your SIM cards in case your mobile gets lost or stolen. 

Emergency assistance 

  • This card protection plan from Bajaj Finserv also offers emergency assistance if you suffer any unprecedented crisis during an international or domestic trip. This assistance is financial in nature and lets you cover your travelling expenses without any issues. 
  • You may also seek roadside assistance at several locations if your vehicle gets damaged during a domestic trip. 
  • A high coverage amount, online application and payment options, and other user-friendly features make it a valuable and useful insurance policy against phishing and various online frauds. 


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