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We are one of the top corporate gifts company in Singapore. Effectively rallying the team despite the distance is one of the difficulties of operating remotely. Without an in-person SKO, how can you build a sense of urgency and ‘eye on the prize’ attitude for your sales team? For a long time, what kind of high-quality employee swag can people enjoy and keep? Here are 9 great choices that are sure to keep them inspired and make them feel their own.


For sales team members, swag or business gifts must be thoughtful for them to produce a return on interest. Mind you, the best employee business swag goes beyond the standard generic ceramic mug or reusable eco bag!


Sales professional gifts and sales manager gifts can be made even better when you include the following ideas:


Show your appreciation in words – alongside your small business swag, a message, an email, or a newsletter expressing your gratitude to your sales team will be highly appreciated. Words of appreciation for success have a special kind of effect on workers, one that has long been imprinted in their minds. Moreover, if you send swag for an annual SKO, use motivational words to kick start the year.


Here are 9 carefully curated sales team gift ideas or holiday gift for sales team that you can consider this 2021:


  1. ‍Crewneck Sweatshirt – Nothing makes it so much cozier than finding the perfect wearable swag to work from home. Thanks to its universally flattering color and cut, this Marine Layer crewneck sweatshirt is the perfect unisex top swag piece in 2020 and beyond.
  2. Wireless Earbuds – Wireless earphones still make it to the must-haves list. These highly coveted premium wireless headphones offer maximum comfort in terms of both fit and sound quality, and they are considered the best of the best and people love them.
  3. Jacket – The bomber style is a classic jacket, a simple way to up the style ante on an otherwise basic outfit. When you need to go out and do some errands in nippy weather, it’s a great piece to catch!
  4. Coffee Mug – When he sees this included in his recruitment team swag package, do not underestimate the power of coffee mugs that will bring a smile to the face of an employee! Many that are in the know are well aware of how many points of style this small number adds to their wardrobe. The sleek silhouette is all the rage, and this beautiful little addition would love everyone looking to spruce up their breakfast table.
  5. USB Cable – Thanks to their inventive use of materials and propensity for designing useful tech objects daily to make them appear like works of art, cables are a step above the rest. This Night Cable is no exception and makes ever so stylish the simple act of plugging in a computer to charge. This is truly a must from home team swag ideas in your list of work!
  6. Laptop Bag – A bag that can keep up with him is worthy of your go-getting sales employee. This means attaching the new recruit swag box to the briefcase. It’s sure to be one’s favorite bag to use for both work and play, with cleverly laid-out pockets and sturdy fabric in bold and beautiful colorways.
  7. Backpack – Throughout your trip, these sturdy, high quality backpacks hold your personal belongings in place and deliver comfort. They’re going to compliment the style of everyone and are perfect for all ages!
  8. Bluetooth Speaker – The sound quality of the Bluetooth speaker beats everything else in its price range. It connects smoothly and quickly and lasts for hours, making it the trustworthy companion of your Netflix binge after-work enhanced by your Bluetooth speaker.
  9. USB Humidifier – And eventually, nothing says, ‘In a time like this pandemic, we worry about your health.’ If you ever wanted to offer a gift of peace of mind, this is the perfect item to do it!

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