Clearing Your Confusions Regarding Tyre Rotation

Tyre Rotation

Because of various reasons, you must rotate your Tyres periodically. They play the role of connector between you and the ground surface. It is a fact that their tyres are ignored by many people, which in turn can result in serious accidents.

The factor whether the vehicle or car is a rear, all-wheel or front-drive determines the tyre rotation. Tyres go through wearing at various rates and hence, it’s crucial to keep a record. Regardless, they must undergo rotation and you must get them serviced when you need to prevent any expensive repairs and damage to the vehicle.

The front tyres would be used by the vehicle to brake and steer if you have a vehicle with front-wheel drive. This indicates that as compared to the tyres at the rear end, your front Roadstone Tyres Birmingham will wear out fast.

You will make the back tyres catch up well and efficiently with the front tyres by rotating them simply. This way, each tyre will have the same extension of life. This must be done frequently with priority. Usually, you will be informed by the car manual about the frequency of rotating the tyres.

You must ensure that all the tyres are in inefficient functioning order and rotating them is the effective trick to achieve this. Sometimes, car owners or drivers only rotate the tyres when they visit a garage for changing the oil.

If you rotate every tyre, it proves to be helpful during every appointment of oil change based on the frequency of oil change in your car. Blistering and Cupping are two usual issues arising during each tyre’s inspection. Tears from pinching and potholes can result in this.

To offer them even wear, you will rotate the front and back simply if you own a vehicle having a drive of the rear tyre. When it is the matter of all-wheel drive, to ensure even wearing of all tyres, the only way used is crisscrossing them. Each tyre size is the other aspect to consider. Some of these are designed in such a way that they rotate only in a single direction.

Rotating tyres is an appropriate thing because you can save money. As compared to a routine rotation, the price paid for buying a tyre is more. If you don’t rotate, you may face numerous issues and you will have to waste a huge amount later.

When it is the matter of retrieving information regarding tyre rotation in the vehicle, your mechanics as well manual are useful resources.  

Difference between Wheel Alignment and Tyre Rotation

Wheel Alignment and Tyre Rotation

Wheel Alignment refers to the lining up of the wheels and steering wheel. Wheel alignment is required when a car is moving to the right or left instead of moving in a straight line. Driving the car in such a condition will damage it and immediate wheel replacement will be required.  Moving the wheels and tyres on a car from one place to another is Tyre rotation. You can use the tyres evenly this way. Cars are designed in such a way that they can bear different weight on the back and front.

Tyre Rotation - Tyre Maintenance - RACQ

To balance the pulls of the front and rear tyres, the front tyres are shifted to the back and the back tyres are shifted to the front. You can achieve even wearing of all the tyres and you can get Car Tyres Birmingham worth your money.


The major difference between these two is – you need to do a tyre rotation automatically after a specific time duration. The tyre and car manufacture determine the time. When you notice some warning signs of getting out of line, you must get a wheel alignment done.

Another remarkable difference is your vehicle won’t get damaged by neglecting tyre rotation but will deteriorate due to a lack of effective wheel alignment.


You need to take various things into consideration but you must ensure that you take care of it as much as required. The importance of tyre rotation may be stressed by many mechanics and hence, you must always keep on doing that at regular intervals. Well! By the end of this article, you might have come to know how tyre rotation is a crucial responsibility.

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