Car Repair Tools You Must Own

If you own a car, you must be aware of the cost invested for repairing your car every time it gets stuck with something. Sometimes minor faults can also get your pocket to lose weight. The most reasonable alternative for this unwanted and unexpected expense in owning gadgets that can fix your car at your own garage.

The affordable tools can be bought from any local store and build your own little garage. The tools are quite minimal and do not require many finances to purchase or maintain. These tools can help you get minor as well as some significant issues with your car.


The basic and one of the essential tools that must be in your garage is screwdrivers. Screwdrivers are not just an initial requirement for a car garage; it is also beneficial in domestic needs such as tightening or loosening screws.

Wire cutters and pliers

The only way to efficiently cut your car wires is by using a wire cutter. These are some important and basic car Body Repairs Leamington Spa tools that must be present in any garage. These tools are helpful to reject, disconnect and connect wires in a car.

Impact wrench

An impact wrench is an important tool in the garage. These come in a range of sizes according to the needs. These are very helpful when one needs to tighten or loosen lug nuts. The impact wrench is essential for the tyre of your cars.


The wrenches are one of the most important parts of a home garage. A wrench can tighten or loosen the small and standard bolts. These are available in different sizes. You can buy some required sizes, or you can buy the kit with all the sizes.


A set of sockets and drivers are a basic requirement in a car garage. You can buy a set of socket and drivers of different sizes to use according to need. The sockets and drivers are detachable and can be customised according to need, making it a must-have in your garage.

Torque Wrench

A torque wrench is a very important tool that must be on your list of to-buy tools for your garage. This instrument is used to tighten the nuts, adequately maintaining the torque of the rotation. Improper torque measure may sometimes lead to perilous malfunctioning of the vehicle. It is important to have a torque wrench to ensure correct torque measure while fixing the car.

Dead Blow Mallet

This is a hammer-like instrument that helps in getting stubborn bolts stuck with the nuts. Some nuts are not ready to loosen and require a heavy blow from a blow mallet to ease the movement. The dead blow mallet is moulded with a synthetic coating.

Digital Vernier Callipers

The digital Vernier callipers are very accurate in their measurement and give you the perfect value for carrying out your work. You can use Vernier callipers for checking the tolerance and other dimensions while carrying out fabrication works.

Heat gun

A heat gun or blow torch is an essential element of car Body Repairs Leamington Spa. These can be used to heat the stubborn nuts or bolts that are not coming out. The directed heat makes them soft and easy to unbolt. It is not an absolute necessity but an appreciated item to own.

Brake Cleaner spray

A brake cleaner spray is very useful in making the stuck dust and dirt soft. The spray can be used to clean not just tyres but all types of junk. The spray contains strong chemicals that can easily remove the dirt and make your car parts look like new. You must remember to wear gloves while using the brake cleaner spray because of the highly concentrated chemicals present in it.

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